Have you ever felt you’re on a hamster wheel of doing things, running your business or going to the office without much purpose? Do you feel life is passing by and regardless of your monetary gains, position in a company or how nice your car is, you’re missing out? Do you feel that at the moment of truth, as the semi truck is 3 seconds from hitting you head on, or you heart seizes up, that you might think maybe you had missed the point of this whole thing?


I’ve been there, as an entrepreneur and as an executive on the corporate ladder. At first, the new business venture is fun, or walking into the new corner office or getting that promotion is thrilling. But at some point you start to think, “Huh? Why am I doing this?” The thing is, by the time you think that, you’re so buried in the day to day you don’t have time to consider an alternative way of being.


By participating in my one on one coaching program, you will experience shifts from a victim mindset to an empowered stance in your life by changing your perspective from “have to” to “get to.” The choice of “get to” inspires greater ownership over one’s experience, deeper self-fulfillment and a life filled with power and purpose. You will smile more.


Join me for a free one-on-one coaching call to see if a coaching program is right for you. It’s simple, it’s free and even if you decide not to join, I think we’ll laugh a lot.



Ultimate Guide to Happiness