With the success of the book Get To Be Happy (over 1500 sold), many people are asking:

  • “I got happy reading the book, but how can I get even happier and sustain it?”
  • Easy! I offer a simple process that leads you from unhappy, worry and fear, to a feeling of fulfillment and joy that can last your lifetime.
  • I call it Happiness Coaching.
  • Join me for a free Happiness Breakthrough session. It’s a 30 minute call where we simply explore where you are, where you want to go, and look at how to get there.

It’s a fun process, and even just this one call can be transformational. My promise is that there’s no pitching you to sign up for anything. I love exploring life with people. If it’s a fit to work further, great, if not, totally awesome as well. I’m too happy to worry about things like that. After our call together, you will be, too.


Email me directly at Ted[at]tedlarkins.com or click here to schedule your free 30 minute Happiness Breakthrough session.

Ultimate Guide to Happiness